Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense


  • Airframes
  • Fuel Lines
  • Gas Return Tubes for Automatic Weapons
  • Hydraulic Lines

Today’s highly advanced military and aerospace technologies push the limits of science. HandyTube knows that only highly stable materials and critical fail-safe functionality will meet stringent Aerospace Material and U.S. Military specifications on parts, so we perform a variety of tests to ensure our products meet the demands of these evolving technologies.

Our seamless, stainless steel tubing is proven to sustain high temperatures and pressures in the most challenging environments. This is why our tubing is the first choice for weaponry, including gas-operated automatic and semi-automatic rifles. HandyTube’s seamless tubing is also ideal for high-pressure fuel lines and hydraulic system applications. Continuous, long-length tubing reduces the need for compression fittings, which are required to join straight length sections. Using fewer fittings significantly reduces opportunities for defect and makes the assembly safer over time.

Product safety and accuracy are imperative to aerospace and defense industries. We test our products according to strict industry procedures to determine chemical composition, mechanical properties, defects and susceptibility to corrosion. In addition, HandyTube provides a wide variety of testing capabilities to support research on new technology and product manufacturing.