Health, Safety & Environment

At HandyTube, we take safety very seriously.

HandyTube is committed to protecting the health and safety of those who play a part in our operations, live within the communities we operate, or use our products. We operate and conduct our business with respect and care for both our community and the environment and systematically manage environmental, health and safety risks. We strive to reduce injuries and occupational illnesses, eliminate unsafe work practices and appropriately respond to any environmental incidents that might harm our environment. With the help of regular audits, we will consistently monitor our performance in these areas and implement measures to protect our employees, our community and the environment.

HandyTube aims to demonstrate visible and active leadership that engages both employees and service providers, while managing health, safety and environmental performance. We vow to educate all employees and contractors on our practices and ensure they understand that working safely is a condition of working at our facility and that each individual is responsible for his safety and the safety of those around him. Each employee and contractor will receive adequate training and information to do his job in a safe and effective manner.