Hydrogen Tubing

Hydrogen is a zero emission alternative to fueling vehicles and fuel cells.  It is run on compressed hydrogen fed into a fuel cell "stack" that produces electricity to power the vehicle.  The perks of hydrogen are it’s clean, quiet, abundant, and energy efficient. 

As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles continue to roll out in increasing numbers, the infrastructure for fueling them must expand as well.  Transportation of hydrogen from storage tanks to dispensers requires tubing with superior corrosion resistance that can withstand extreme pressures.  Hydrogen tubing for material handling and fueling is available in multiple alloys and sizes to meet the unique pressure requirements of your project.

Seamless Tubing for Hydrogen Transfer

HandyTube’s truly seamless Hydrogen tubing is provided in exact, continuous lengths to make the installation process more efficient.  Conventional stations typically use welded pipes to transport the high-pressure hydrogen.  Doing so requires intensive labor and prolongs station construction.  These types of welds present an opportunity for defect which may result in inconvenient repairs. 

Long seamless hydrogen tubing is easy to use in the field when combined with our straightening and bending equipment.  Manual and powered tools are available to contractors for station design. 

For more information contact our sales team to learn more about increasing the safety of your hydrogen refueling station with long seamless tubing.

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