Ultra-Small Diameter Tubing

Technological advancements in the life sciences market have resulted in smaller assemblies working under increased operating pressures. HandyTube’s Ultra-Small Diameter capillary tubing (USD™) is crucial to the performance of High Performance and Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC and UPLC) equipment. We now offer USD™ capillary tubing with outer diameters less than 1/16th inch (1.59 mm). Seamless USD™ capillary tubing increases sampling efficiencies.

USD™ capillary tubing with Chromat I.D.™ was designed to increase measurement speed and accuracy without sacrificing quality. The smooth-bore Chromat I.D.™ offered on USD™ capillaries limits Newtonian flow through the sample loop, resulting in a better sample read. Careful quality control, both in-process and at final inspection, ensure accuracy of size, soundness of material and uniform inner surface.

Product cleanliness is critical in this industry. Impurities, such as oil, grease and other foreign material leftover from the manufacturing process can result in cross-contamination and inaccurate sample readings. Conventional tubing typically requires additional cleaning on-site, prior to installation. To minimize the risk of cross-contamination and save our customers time, HandyTube has developed the Chroma Clean I.D.™ process, during which tubing is subjected to high pressure and temperature immediately following the manufacturing process to remove residual impurities. The proprietary Chroma Clean I.D.™ method ensures tubing with fewer impurities – results that have been verified by third-party laboratories. This process ensures sample integrity and provides consistent results – every test, every time.