In an ideal world, obtaining tubing for your project would be straightforward. In the real world, designs and installations often present difficult-to-satisfy requirements. However most tube suppliers only offer standard tube products, leaving customers few options to address specific design or performance challenges.

Early collaboration with your tube supplier can help address a challenge before it becomes a bigger problem, and it can establish a lasting relationship to solve future problems. At HandyTube, we draw and manufacture stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing in house and can apply our expertise and modify our processes in collaboration with you to help you solve your problems. By partnering with a tube supplier with these deep resources, you can achieve your objectives, eliminate costly and time-consuming engineering processes and build a trusted relationship.

How HandyTube Can Tailor Tubing to Your Exact Needs

Using advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, we can provide a custom tubing product that matches your specific criteria for:

  • Custom mechanical properties such as wall thickness, outer and inner diameter tolerances.
  • Custom mechanical properties thanks to our ability to make temper adjustments.
  • Custom-cut straight lengths from one inch up to 24 feet. We also manufacture long length coil tubing.
  • Surface enhancement to protect against harsh conditions, enhance non-stick properties or improve flow paths.
  • Special alloys through collaboration with our raw material suppliers.
  • Unique packages to make installation easier.

These and other capabilities allow HandyTube engineers to provide customer-specific solutions throughout the project to ensure successful implementation. For example, one customer that incorporates a tube into a fabricated component encountered difficulties brazing its part with the tube. Our engineers worked with their team, conducting a trial-and-error approach to determine the right surface finish for the tube. Our experts also engineered a tighter tolerance, which allowed the component producer to optimize its manufacturing process to ultimately fabricate its product in less time while saving money. Just as important, the project created a strong relationship that has led to additional collaboration.

HandyTube’s willingness to fine-tune a product has driven successful applications across many industries such as life science, aerospace and space exploration, CNG and hydrogen and alternative energy. We also develop new products in response to our customers’ needs and ideas using the well-established and respected stage gate process where a team takes ownership of the product from conception to commercialization and funnels it to customers for review and feedback.

HandyTube Provides Customer-Specific Solutions

When you need a problem-solving partner instead of a tube seller, turn to HandyTube. Even though our resources make us a leading tube manufacturer for a wide range of industries, we’re never too big to devote attention to our customers’ technical needs. You’ll eliminate processing steps while saving time and effort, and you’ll ultimately realize a better cost of ownership for your tube products. Best of all, you’ll have a relationship with experts you can count on to help you tackle your future challenges.

For more information, please download our application note.