Natural gas, comprised mostly of methane, is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels.  It burns cleaner than conventional gasoline due to its lower carbon content.  Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an alternative fuel for fleet and personal vehicles. Today, over 12 million CNG vehicles worldwide are estimated to be on the road today. The growing number of CNG stations will provide increased availability of this fossil fuel, and HandyTube’s CNG Tubing is an important part of implementing these stations.

HandyTube has partnered with SSP to develop a unique solution exclusively for CNG Stations. CNG Tubing is designed to withstand extreme pressures associated with transporting compressed gas. Conventional stations use shorter lengths to transport CNG. HandyTube’s truly seamless tubing is provided in exact, continuous lengths without any longitudinal or orbital welds to meet the unique requirements of each station, eliminating unnecessary labor associated with installing shorter lengths. Welds, orbital or longitudinal, and fittings used in high-pressure processes, such as this one, present an opportunity for defect, often resulting in inconvenient repairs. Those defects are eliminated when truly seamless CNG Tubing is installed.

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