Many chemical, gas and life science applications have demanding stainless steel tubing requirements. These applications often involve high-precision analytical instruments, which require very clean, tight-tolerance, thin wall tubing. In these instruments, the quality and cleanliness of the tubing have a direct effect on the performance of the analytical instruments.

Thin Walls, Long Lengths, Tight Tolerances

To meet these requirements, our manufacturing process can produce light-walled tubing with wall thicknesses as low as 0.0025 inches, though 0.005 would be a more typical requirement. We can produce this tubing to tight tolerances, typically ±0.001 inches on the ID and OD.

Other suppliers can produce tubing with comparable wall thicknesses and tolerances, but we stand out in our ability to make this type of tubing in long lengths. Depending on outside diameter and wall ratio, some tubes can even exceed 3,000 feet in length. Other manufacturing processes yield thin wall tubes in straight sections up to 12 feet.

Regardless of the length, our tubing has best-of-class surface finish, cleanliness and consistent mechanical properties required in analytic instruments.

Why Go Long?

Purchasing stainless steel tubing in long coils rather than short sections has a couple of important advantages:

  • Consistency. Long lengths of coiled tubing are more consistent from a quality standpoint. The properties of the tubing won’t vary along the entire coil, which could run for thousands of feet. When you buy tubing in shorter straight lengths, there’s always the possibility that different sticks of tubing were produced in different manufacturing lots, potentially introducing variations in quality or performance.
  • Inventory control. Some chemical, gas and life sciences instruments use tubing on a single-use basis, and instrument OEMs and users need to replace tubing frequently. Purchasing longer lengths of coiled tubing allows easy replacement—just reel off the new tubing as needed without the waste of straight sections. A coil of tubing can also be inventoried as a single item, making it easier to manage tubing replacement programs.

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Thanks to our innovative manufacturing process, our long-length tubing meets the requirements for wall thicknesses and tolerances that enable high-precision instruments to perform even better.

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