Oil & Gas

HandyTube is a market leader in the manufacture of seamless coiled tubing used in the Oil & Gas market.  We provide uniquely designed tubing for applications ranging from safety valves for sub-sea oil wells to the transmission of highly-flammable hydrocarbon gases in the transfer of CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas).  Our long length seamless coiled stainless steel tubing is available up to 6,000 feet (2 km) in length for the most demanding applications.  This reduces the number of welds required and creates a more homogeneous tube with higher corrosion resistance and less dimensional variation.  Our tubing can be coated with PVC or TPU for superior protection against the elements.

We provide 6Mo (UNS S31254) seamless coil and straight length tubing up to 3.8 mm wall thickness which meets NORSOK M650 (Edition 4 for MDS R18) used in upstream subsea applications.

Specific Applications Include:

Sub-Sea Safety Valves

HandyTube manufactures tubing engineered to connect surface-controlled and subsurface controlled sub-sea safety valves.  These valves are used in the upper wellbore to provide emergency closure of the producing conduits in the event of an emergency.

Control Lines

We provide small-diameter hydraulic line tubing used to operate downhole equipment.  Our tube is often used in systems where the control line operates on a fail-safe basis, where it remains pressurized at all times.

CNG & LNG Transfer

HandyTube is the safe choice when transferring compressed or liquid natural gas from the storage tank to the dispenser and can be installed in a fraction of the time compared with welding shorter lengths of pipe.

Chemical Injection

Our stainless steel and Monel 6Mo (UNS S31254) chemical injection capillary tube is used to attach a mandrel at well surface.  These lines are used to inject chemicals which are used for corrosion prevention and to constrain the formation of asphaltenes, gas hydrates, paraffin or scale in critical equipment in the tubing string.

High Pressure CNG Tubing