Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seamless tubing is being utilized to transport hydrogen throughout refueling stations because of its high quality and reliability.  Fittings create opportunity for leaks, which cannot be tolerated in hydrogen refueling stations.  Fittings, nonetheless, are required to connect various pieces of equipment in each station.  To account for the potential for leaks, designers require that a fifteen-foot radius around each fitting be marked as hazardous.  As a result, no electrically conductive equipment is permitted inside this area.  This presents a costly challenge for designers.

Because of the hazardous restriction, designers are forced to re-route an otherwise straightforward design to avoid these areas.  Sometimes this is not practical or possible.  In this case, when equipment has to be placed inside of the fifteen-foot radius, it has to be Class 1 explosion-proof rated and more secure, which increases its cost.

These stations are of the million-dollar magnitude to design.  Designers like to shave off costs whenever possible.  Using HandyTube’s long seamless coil tubing with unique dimensions helps them do so, while also increasing the safety of the overall station.

Seamless tubing with unique dimensions also has other benefits including increased flow and length compared to tubing with standard dimensions.  Increased flow means faster fill times at the dispensers, giving drivers of passenger vehicles a fueling experience closer to that of gasoline.  If the fueling station is being installed in a factory or warehouse, faster fill times translates to increased productivity of material handling equipment operators.  Fuel Cell conversion eliminates the need for battery changing which can take up to 20 minutes per lift compared to re-fueling which typically takes less than five minutes.

Long seamless tubing is also easy to use in the field when combined with readily available straightening and bending equipment from HandyTube.  Depending on the complexity of the station design, contractors can use either a manual or powered tool.  Tools are also portable and easy to transport to a job-site.


Contact HandyTube’s Hydrogen Sales Team to learn more about increasing the safety of your hydrogen refueling station with long, seamless, stainless steel coil tubing at sales@handytube.com.