Choosing the right tubing for your fluid delivery system can be a daunting task because you have a lot of options to choose from, including seamless and welded straight lengths, welded and drawn coils—and more. But one kind of tubing beats the rest for its reliability, cost savings, installation efficiency and exceptional performance in demanding applications: seamless nickel and stainless steel alloy coil tubing.

Let’s take a closer look at its benefits:

Superior Performance

Using coils of flat strips, typical welded tube manufacturing processes create a continuous longitudinal weld seam that is susceptible to failure and poor tube quality. Although advances in welding technology have improved weld integrity, many process variables still contribute to tube defects.

Seamless coil tubes, by comparison, are homogeneous along the entire length and cross-section. They also eliminate costly orbital welds and fitting joints to achieve lengths beyond what is typically offered by straight-length tube manufacturers. Seamless coil tubing also eliminates the potential leak points of welds, fittings or both—providing high-quality tubing-runs.

Cost Savings And Installation Efficiency

Using one length of tube between device connections is more efficient than connecting numerous short lengths. By eliminating all intermediate joints (welds or fittings), you therefore save on installation, maintenance and labor costs, as well as overall cost of ownership.

Versatility In Demanding Applications

Seamless nickel and stainless steel alloy coil tubing is well-suited for a variety of demanding applications that require reliable, corrosion-resistant long tubing runs. These applications include:

  • Chemical processing. Many chemical and petrochemical processors utilize coil tubing for their process monitoring and control applications, thanks to its corrosion resistance and ability to perform reliably in harsh environments and elevated temperatures.
  • Hydrogen fueling. Seamless coil tubing provides safe interconnections of remote hydrogen storage and dispensers with only two connections in each tube-run: one at the source and one at the dispenser.
  • Firefighting. Firefighter Air Replacement Systems (FARS), an emerging technology that allows firefighters to replenish self-contained breathing apparatuses, utilize seamless coil tubing to connect remote breathing air-filling stations to an exterior connection panel—providing critical monitoring and breathing air supplies.

To learn more about seamless nickel and stainless steel alloy coil tubing, download our latest white paper.