Monday, August 12, 2013

When Smaller is Better, HandyTube Offers Ultra-Small

HandyTube’s USD™ capillary tubing is the breakthrough many critical high-pressure applications have sought.

With recent developments in food safety and environmental regulation, laboratory technicians are being pushed to obtain greater results in less time.  Applications such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) now require smaller samples to be processed at higher speeds for quicker analysis. HandyTube’s Ultra-Small Diameter (USD™) capillary tubing products are precisely engineered for these applications with an outside diameter (OD) less than 0.0625″ (1.59 mm).

Demand for these engineered products has steadily increased as the desire for smaller assemblies and high-pressure equipment has become necessary. HandyTube can supply tubing that can withstand over 36,000 PSI (2500 bar).

Production of these products is less of a challenge with HandyTube’s USD™ capillary tubing which can measure 0.003″ (0.076 mm), or as fine as a human hair.

An even larger feat is producing USD™ tubing in extremely long coils—a capability that can translate to reduced setup time. For example, a 2,000-foot long coil can be loaded onto a machine and run continuously, eliminating costly coil-to-coil downtime that exists when shorter coils are processed.

USD™ capillary tubing can also be provided in straight lengths.  HandyTube utilizes state-of-the-art precision cutting equipment to produce high-quality parts for unique applications where tight tolerances and burr-free end conditions are critical.  HandyTube’s engineers will work to provide custom solutions including bending and fabrication.

USD™ capillary tubing with Chromat I.D.™ was designed to increase measurement reproducibility, batch-to-batch.  The smooth bore Chromat I.D.™ offered on USD™ capillaries limits Newtonian flow through the sample loop, resulting in improved peak shape and resolution. The small, tightly controlled ID coupled with the smooth bore ensures uniformity, sample-to-sample and unit-to-unit.

To minimize risk of cross-contamination, HandyTube has developed a proprietary Chroma Clean I.D.™ process . Third-party testing has confirmed this process results in significantly lower impurities, such as oil, grease and other foreign material leftover from the manufacturing process, when tested against conventional cleaning methods.

About HandyTube

HandyTube, a Handy & Harman Company, is the leading manufacturer of long, seamless, stainless steel and high-nickel alloy tubing and is able to produce seamless tubing upwards of 6,000 feet long. Learn more about our USD™ capillary tubing and our company online at

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