Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HandyTube Produces a 2 Kilometer Xtreme Length™ Seamless Coil Tube

HandyTube announced completion of the longest seamless stainless steel tube ever produced.  The Xtreme Length™ coil measures over 2 kilometers in length with an outside diameter of 3.0 mm and wall thickness of 0.75 mm.  The coil was produced using one extruded mother tube; therefore reducing the opportunity for defects normally related to longitudinal or orbital welding.

Lindsay Wallace, Product Owner for the Precision Materials segment at HandyTube said, “HandyTube prides itself in offering custom solutions to its customers.  By leveraging over 30 years of experience in long, seamless, stainless steel coiled tubing we have been able to achieve another milestone by successfully producing the Xtreme Length™”.

HandyTube seamless coils are the right solution for critical applications.  Critical applications may involve a fluid or gas under pressure, or a non-pressure application where the Xtreme Length™ allows for the elimination of couplings as well as ease of installation.  Original equipment manufacturers enjoy the efficiencies gained by utilizing the Xtreme Length™ coils opposed to working with the limitations of 6 meter standard lengths.

The long seamless coils produced by the talented associates at HandyTube are utilized worldwide in a range of markets from oil and gas, alternative energy, life sciences, process control, aerospace, defense, etc.  Xtreme Length™ coils range from 19mm outside diameter down to 0.5mm.  Primary alloys are 300 series stainless, but other corrosion resistant alloys are available.