About HandyTube

A Leader in Precious Metals Since 1867

1867 – Handy & Harman founded as a precious metals company

1892 – Handy & Harman sets domestic traded silver price

1905 – Started diversifying metals business to include brazing alloys

1948 – Handy & Harman Tube Division is founded in Norristown, Pennsylvania

1981 –  Camdel Metals Long Coil Division is founded in Camden, Delaware

2006 – HandyTube Precision Materials product line added to Camdel Metals

2006 – HandyTube Corporation develops Chroma Clean I.D.®, Chromat I.D.® and LI-Chroma Clean I.D.® for chromatography.

2011 – Camdel Metals Corporation is renamed HandyTube Corporation

2012 – HandyTube Corporation manufactures long length coils.

2017 – Steel Partners acquired 100% of shares of Handy& Harman.


Nearly 70 Years of Exceptional Tube Making Experience

As HandyTube, we make it evident in our dedication to high-quality service and products. Our highly experienced engineers provide expertise on new product development, through continuous improvement and lean manufacturing.

We work successfully with our customers worldwide, to take products from a raw idea to full implementation. We provide extensive customer-specific solutions for critical applications. You can rely on our team of engineers to refine your ideas, explore options, create new solutions, analyze values and deliver on commitments.