Many tube manufacturers produce short lengths of tubing that must be joined. The traditional methods for both manufacturing and joining short lengths of tubing come with inherent variability that can compromise quality. For critical applications that demand tubing with consistent quality, variability is not acceptable. However, the inconsistencies associated with conventional tube manufacturing can be avoided.

Tubing produced in longer lengths greatly reduces the factors that can otherwise affect tube consistency and quality. Here’s a comparison of how conventional tubes are manufactured in short straight lengths versus how long-length coiled tubing is produced, using HandyTube’s processes and capabilities as examples.

Conventional, Short-length Tube Manufacturing

Conventional tubing is typically drawn to lengths up to 30 feet. Each step of the process is performed in small quantities because of the short in-process tube lengths. Tube material goes through the furnace in multiple bundles to produce the hundreds or thousands of feet that HandyTube can produce in one drawn coil. The same bundles must also undergo cleaning one bundle at a time. These individual processing steps increase the likelihood for defects and inconsistencies among individual straight tube sticks. For example, HandyTube can produce 2,000 feet of coiled tubing in a single production run with a single set of tooling. Producing this same quantity in straight lengths would frequently require multiple tool sets over numerous individual drawing operations. And due to the large number of sticks, manufacturers may not even measure all the pieces. During installation, those short sticks of tube will have more welds that can cause corrosion-inducing metallurgical defects or create dimensional inconsistencies that can affect fittings and cause cracks.

Long, Coiled Tubing Has Less Variability

Proprietary processes allow HandyTube to create long lengths of coil tubing using large bundles of material. In fact, up to 5,000 pounds of material can be heat treated at one time in two of our vacuum furnaces. From heat treatment to drawing to cleaning, conventional short tube manufacturing methods can only handle a fraction of the tube material that we can process in each manufacturing step. HandyTube’s straight tubing is also produced in coils and goes through the same process before straightening and cutting. Compared to conventional short-length tube manufacturing, HandyTube’s ability to produce in long coil form ensures consistent quality with less variability or opportunities for defects during production and less welds that could otherwise compromise reliability during installation.

Quality Control From Raw Material to Finished Product

At HandyTube, each job is labeled with the customer’s outer and inner diameter tolerance requirements as well as their desired mechanical properties. We have the tooling equipment and capabilities that will maintain strict tolerances, and we have the latest testing equipment and trained personnel to ensure consistent results. In fact, we perform some of the most strenuous testing prior to releasing products, such as 100% hydrotesting of coils, 100% eddy current testing of straight length tubing and 100% positive material identification. We also thoroughly inspect all incoming raw material prior to use and send out samples from every heat treatment or lot for an independent verification of chemical analysis by an independent laboratory. Furthermore, we retain samples from every heat process and lot of a shipment.

That’s why HandyTube products are revered around the world. Here are just some of the qualifications and credentials that back up our consistent quality:

  • Our ISO 9001-Certified facility
  • Two high-pressure application certifications (Lloyd’s-PED and TUV-AD 2000)
  • Many certifications in shipbuilding and customer approvals

Consistent Quality With Every Tube

Taken together, HandyTube’s proprietary processes and test capabilities will deliver quality tubing with consistent outer and inner diameter tolerances, mechanical properties and smooth surfaces. In addition, installers will be able to minimize welds and fittings, labor expenses and downstream cleaning. With HandyTube’s ability to produce long lengths of coiled tubing, you’ll receive a quality product every time.

For more information about HandyTube’s quality products, contact us.