Chemical Process

Our continuous, long-length tubing eliminates the need for welds and joints and decreases these opportunities for defect.  Using long-length seamless tubing in place of welded tube or pipe also eliminates the potential that filler material will flake off and get trapped, resulting in inaccurate measurements or an overall system breakdown.

Specific Applications Include:

Steam & Heat Trace Bundles

A tubing bundle comprises of a tube or group of tubes packaged in an insulated PVC jacket.  Tubing bundles are used in applications such as analyzer sampling, instrument hook-up and impulse lines.  HandyTube provides the jacked tubing that is commonly used in steam & heat trace bundles.

Flow Measurement & Sensing

Our tubing is used by OEMs that make instrumentation devices such as pressure, level, flow or temperature transmitters.   In addition, differential-pressure transmitters using diaphragm seals can be applied to flow measurements using HandyTube’s capillary tubing.  In this application the pressure is transmitted from diaphragm to the transmitter using a liquid located inside the tube.

Fluid & Gas Transfer

HandyTube manufactures tubing specifically designed for safe flow of gas, steam and liquid in harsh chemical process environments.  Our long length coiled stainless steel tubing is available up to 6,000 feet (2 km) in length for the most demanding applications.