As medical devices shrink in size and become more sophisticated, you’ll need to integrate smaller and less expensive components into your equipment. Despite their condensed sizes, medical devices cannot compromise on component quality and reliability. Not only will you require smaller diameter tubing, you need to be sure that the tube product meets the medical device industry’s stringent quality and reliability requirements.

HandyTube has an extensive range of advanced manufacturing processes, allowing us to produce safe, reliable tubing with precise dimensions in order to satisfy the exacting needs of medical OEMs. We can also apply our many years of tubing experience to help you with unique tubing designs. Here are the capabilities that make HandyTube well-suited to provide an ideal small-diameter tube for your medical applications:

  • Precise ODs and IDs. We enhance the floating plug drawing process and draw stainless steel tubes in coil form to achieve precise outer diameters (ODs) and inner diameters (IDs) with consistent smoothness.
  • Tight tolerances. We can provide outer diameter tolerances down to 0.017 inch and inner diameter tolerances to 0.003 inch.
  • Corrosion resistance. Customers can choose from a variety of corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel materials — including Type 316 and 304 — or MP35N nickel cobalt.
  • Quality control. Our state-of-the-art microscope can scan diameters down to 0.010 inch for an accurate profile.
  • Full service. Value-added services include custom-cut lengths from less than 1 inch up to 24 feet, a proprietary cleaning process, electropolishing for both OD and ID, and surface protection options.

This broad range of capabilities means you’ll receive a dimensionally precise, safe and functional metal tubing product that meets your specific material and mechanical requirements.

Choose the Right Tubing Supplier To Ensure Medical Design Success

When it comes to selecting tubing for ever-shrinking medical devices with stringent mechanical and quality requirements, the right supplier can make a difference in your design’s success. HandyTube has the deep resources to deliver small diameter tubing that meets the medical device industry’s strict requirements and also helps you reduce the size of your designs and advance patient care.

For more information about HandyTube small-diameter tubing for medical devices, download our application note.